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On Farm Alpaca Experiences

If you are looking for a truly unique and unforgettable encounter, then contact us to book an on-farm alpaca experience. Learn all you need to know about these amazing animals as you get up close and personal with our lovely natured and well-handled alpacas. Various packages available starting from just $30.00 per person.

Alpaca Experiences

Alpaca Sales

As small breeders, we really do see our animals as being part of the family. We love interacting with them on a daily basis and it’s this relationship that makes our alpacas ideal pets or herd guards. Our herd also displays many desirable characteristics such as fineness, lustre and conformation making them perfect entry level animals for new breeders. One thing’s for sure, when you buy an animal from us, we are there to guide you along the way with excellent after sales support. 


Come meet our friendly alpacas

Alpaca Products

Alpaca fleece is often referred to as the fibre of the Gods and for very good reason. This luxurious fibre is super soft, warm, lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic, insulating, breathable, extremely water resistant, as well as stain, mould & mildew resistant. We have a wide range of alpaca products available for sale including toys, clothing, bedding & yarn. Visit our farm shop page or contact us to arrange a time to visit our shop. Why not incorporate an alpaca experience or a little wine tasting and cheese platter as part of your visit?

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Alpaca Stud Services

In addition to quality, the most important trait we look for in a stud male is temperament as this is a characteristic that passes through to their cria. Our stud males are well handled, placid and good-natured animals.

We currently have 2 exceptional boys available for on farm or external matings:

  • Buckley Estate Galileo

  • Haylilla Black Tie Event



IAR: 183984

DOB: 21/2/13

COLOUR: Solid White


2020: micron 22.4 SD 4.3 

2021: micron 23.2 SD 5.0

COMMENTS: Galileo is a placid, easy to handle solid white stud male. This is a trait we value, and one which passes through to his cria. His fleece has maintained its fineness with consistent crimp, coverage and density. Galileo has proven his ability to produce quality cria.

STUD FEE: $880

Alpaca Stud Services
BTE cropped_edited.jpg


IAR: 235852

DOB: 07/03/19

COLOUR: Solid Black


2019: 17.3 micron / SD4.0
2021: 26.2 micron / SD4.4

COMMENTS: Black Tie Event was introduced into our herd in 2021. He is a well natured, true black stud male with genetics passed down from Leaenna Armani & Baringhup The Wizard. Displaying long staples, even crimp and lustre, he was an enthusiastic performer in his first year of matings and we are excitedly awaiting his first cria.

STUD FEE: $880

Alpacas For Sale


IAR: 111111           


Fleece Stats














Alpacas For Sale
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